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She Speaks summit is envisioned as an inspirational and motivational program which creates an inclusive safe space to inspire the expressions of multiple voices and realities.

The goal of this summit is to build an inclusive community of resilient and motivated women by helping and holding each other’s hands as women individually create their pathways and collectively forge a new narrative that defines a single expression. This challenges the theory of a single narrative and inspires women to create and own their truths by expressing their authentic voices.

This summit is an annual program dedicated to women of different realities and recognizing that a lot of voices are silenced in different ways. We seek to inform, inspire, motivate and transform women by stories of women who have positively transformed their lives and impacted on the lives of others. We are hopeful that these expressions will inspire and motivate people to live a purposeful and impactful life.

This program celebrates the everyday victories and the small steps of courage and faith women take each day. It encourages and empowers women to acknowledge and speak the truth in ways that prioritize their lives by providing relevant tools, building and enhancing skills sets.


Date: 19th-20th June 2020.

September 15th, 2019 – January 31st, 2020.
Individual – 20,000
Group of 10 and above – 15,000
VIP – 40,000

February 1st – May 29th 2020
Individual – 25,000
Group of 10 and above – 20,000
VIP- 50,000

May 30th – 10th June 2020
Early bird – 35,000
Group of 10 and above – 30,000

The registration fees cover summit materials,
Buffet meals, branded pen and Notepad, branded Mug, and Branded T-shirt.

[Please note: that the registration fee does not cover accommodation.]

For more information, you can reach us on our official email: [email protected]
Or call 08163478095